Ken Carlson, American Red Cross

Ken Carlson2_Red Cross

“It’s nice to be able to help people after a disaster like a house fire where they have lost everything and might not have insurance. We provide emergency services such as shelter, food and clothing. We also do a lot of case work and referrals to things that they might not be aware of. We try to get them back on their feet and allow them to take charge against what happened to them.”

“We had one little boy who had lost his cat in a fire and he did not know it yet. While we were working with the parents we were also making sure to keep the boy occupied with coloring books and comfort kits so we could take care of the parent’s needs. When you see the little kids that have been affected by house fires, that’s what really tugs on your heart strings because you see that they’ve lost everything too.”

Ken Carlson, American Red Cross, Meeting Basic Needs, Nurturing Children & Families


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