Vitula Lungren, Shepherd’s Center

Vitula Lungren2

“As we got older and our house got older I did need some help doing some things. Melissa at Shepherd’s Center worked up a huge crew to help clean my basement. I couldn’t get up and down my stairs very easily because they were so steep. It was quite a project. “

“I recently had the electrical in my home grounded with the help of Shepherd’s Center. I talked to a friend yesterday who told me she actually saw lightning strike her air conditioner and watched it go up in flames. The good news was it was ok because her house was grounded. So the work that Shepherd’s Center did for me was actually a house saver and a life saver.”

“My favorite part of Shepherd’s Center is Adventures in Learning, mainly for the social aspect and being with people. They have so many interesting speakers who will answer any of our questions. We’ve also had legislators who have come talk to us and answer our questions about anything concerning senior citizens.”

Vitula Lungren, Shepherd’s CenterMeeting Basic Needs

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