Holiday spotlight: RoShawn Eve and Jada Hall


Special holiday spotlight on RoShawn Eve and Jada Hall!

There are many people we see and pass every day on our way to our daily routines. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the things that these people around us are doing to make the world a better place.

Roshawn Eve has been working as a security guard in the front office of General Motors since 2007. “When you walk in the plant I’m usually the first face you see,” RoShawn explained. This year when United Way’s Resource Development Director, Cindy Cash visited GM to work on the 2015 campaign she noticed that RoShawn was always singing. “This particular time Cindy came by to drop off some flowers to our plant controller to thank her and I was practicing ‘Mary Did You Know?'” RoShawn said.

This song is one of two that RoShawn and her music partner Jada Hall recently recorded for a CD to raise money for three families that she has adopted to help this year. In past years they had raised money through music performances. This year they recognized that not everyone can make it out to a performance and decided to bring the performance to them with the Christmas themed recordings.

“I really enjoy hearing RoShawn sing when I come to the plant,” Cindy commented. “When she told me her plans to use her music to help others, I thought, wow, here is another united story since GM workers are such huge partners of our story at United Way and they continually look for different ways to help others.”

RoShawn explains that this CD is just one part of a greater goal. “My mission in life is to make a difference. Impacting people’s lives is really what I like to do. I tie that to everything I do musically, personally and everything else. Being at the front desk really gives you that opportunity. When you see that a person is struggling I can’t just reach in my pocket and help because I don’t have it like that. But I’ve been given a gift that I choose to help with in other ways.”

The CD features original interpretations of ‘Mary Did You Know?’ and ‘What Child Is This?’ and are being sold for $5 each. Their goal is to sell all 1,000 of the CDs they have made.

The CDs are on sale now at:

Thank you to RoShawn and Jada for sharing your gifts and story with us!

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