Jon Kohrs, HQL initiative partner


“My favorite part of working with any nonprofit is they are all entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is trying to solve a problem first and foremost. Everyone at United Way is trying to solve a problem and they are usually doing it on a shoe string budget with half the staff and funds they really need. That’s really what an entrepreneur does. They put themselves on the front line in risky situations while trying to make a difference every day.

You hear the stories of people in need that get help, but you don’t see the actual people and all of the things involved. There is so much that needs to happen in order to make a community work. I didn’t realize how much United Way does to lead all of these organizations and create a shared story. This is especially true regarding health and quality of life. The Health and Quality of Life (HQL) initiative is working to solve a major problem in Wyandotte County in terms of rankings of health outcomes both locally and nationally… community is where health starts. HQL is a way to align everybody to find those relationships to create shared goals.”

John Kohrs, Community Health Council, Health & Quality of Life

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