Pang Moua, Girl Scouts


“There are still a lot of traditional families that expect girls to stay home and cook and clean and don’t give the opportunity for them to get out there like boys do. As they saw [Girl Scouts] was actually an educational experience that they could learn from…they are more lenient now and are sending their girls to come to Girl Scouts.

The most important thing I’ve seen the girls grow with this year with Girl Scouts is confidence and character. There was a girl this year that was having some troubles at school and was being sent to the principal’s office almost every single day.  At first the parents and even the rest of the girls were frustrated by her behavior.  As she progressed and grew she learned self confidence and started making friends.  I think a pivotal moment is when she told me that she didn’t really get hugs at home.  She said the only hugs she gets are with her sisters at Girl Scouts.  Her behaviors started to improve at school where she started trying harder at school and at home so she could come to Girl Scouts.”

Pang Moua, troop leader at Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW MissouriNurturing Children & Families

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