Part One: Staff share stories that inspire

Stories unite us. We have seen this showcased over and over as we have been collecting stories from our partner agencies, volunteers, and donors. You can find all the stories we have collected so far by clicking here.

The United Way of Wyandotte County staff has specific stories that have given them a boost of inspiration. Check out who inspired Chrissy, Gina, and Todd– and stay tuned for more soon!

UW Staff: Chrissy Carver, RSVP Project Manager

Story she chose: Richard Vogel, volunteer at Cancer Action

“Richard’s story really speaks to me. My passion is working with older adult volunteers and I feel strongly that each and every person has a gift to share. Volunteering can be a very restorative activity for both the volunteer and the person receiving help. Losing a spouse is very difficult and so is losing one’s mobility and health. Richard did something beautiful. He took a difficult period in his life and channeled it into a healing experience by helping others who are experiencing a challenge in their lives. Cancer Action and volunteers like Richard help those battling cancer know they are not in it alone. That is truly the essence of what volunteering in the community means. People really care and want to help so that no one bares the weight of hardships all on their own.” – Chrissy

UW Staff: Gina McCord, Campaign Account Manager

Story she chose: Manuala Arambula, Staff and former participant at Bethel Neighborhood Center

“Because each of our ‘united stories’ are so personal it’s almost impossible to choose a ‘favorite’, but I do feel especially close to the story of Manuala Arambula of Bethel Neighborhood Center. Every child deserves to be loved, cared for, and to feel safe. Manuala found all of those things at Bethel Neighborhood Center, and not just once. They continue to be a loving support system for her and let her know she will never be alone. What a testament for all of us. Take care of our children and your neighborhoods will thrive, for they are our most precious resource. Bethel Neighborhood Center does it right.” -Gina

UW Staff: Todd Jordan, Director of Community Impact

Story he chose: Ngi, participant at Bethel Neighborhood Center

“Ngi’s story is part of the reason why I get up and come to work every day at United Way. Hearing a young woman like Ngi aspiring to become a scientist warms my heart. The lack of students in America dedicated to science (and the STEM fields in general) is troubling not only for the country but for the advancement of discovery. Furthermore, the well-documented gender biases in science will take a myriad of efforts to resolve, but the continued commitment to the field from women like Ngi is an essential part of the solution.

However, what really moves me about Ngi’s quote is that she is challenging herself to be great. Too often we encounter people who have given up on transforming the world they are a part of and have grown content with muddling through their professional lives. But, Ngi does not want to just be a scientist; she wants to be a scientist who changes the world.

Ngi’s story makes me proud to have Bethel Neighborhood Center as a partner agency because they produce fine minds like her. Good luck to you Ngi, Wyandotte County and the world will need you.” -Todd

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