Clausie Smith, Former Mayor


“I like to be active and like to help my county and my city. I guess if I had to list a hobby it would be community service.

I like United Way because first of all when you give your money to United Way, you know it’s going to help people here in Wyandotte County. You also know that it’s going to agencies that are doing what they are saying. I like the youth service organizations, I like the community service organization. In fact, I don’t know that there is an agency with United Way that I don’t support. United Way is the best way to donate your money because you know it’s going to the right people and right places.”

“We call Bonner Springs the volunteer capital of the United States because there are so many volunteers. We are sitting in the Agriculture Hall of Fame right now that is operating primarily from volunteers. I serve on the committee that deals with aging and getting senior citizens involved. We don’t have problem with this often because so many are involved– but we can always get more. We look for the person who is retired and who wants to do something with their time to help other people. I think it’s very important that we keep senior citizens involved in what we’re doing.”

Clausie, United Way of Wyandotte County Board Member, Former Mayor of Bonner Springs,

Wyandotte County Resident 

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