Deborah Mcintosh, Cancer Action, Inc.

Deborah Mcintosh

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2002. My background is I’m a registered nurse. My husband who is a physician was actually the one who told me about this agency called Cancer Action that he suggested that I call. Initially I told him I didn’t need help with anything. I’ve been taking care of patients for 18 years and it’s much more emotional than you would think. I had helped people with mastectomies and other things, but when it’s you its totally different. I called Cancer Action and talked to a wonderful social worker named Katie at the time. She told me about support groups and this and that. I thought that there was probably so many other people that needed help more than me, but she coaxed me into coming in. They helped me when I didn’t think I needed the help. Because of the kindness and support that they give I said when I’m done with all this, and I feel better, I’m going to come back and volunteer– which I have done since 2003. It gives me great joy to give back the help they gave me. “

Deborah Mcintosh, volunteer at Cancer Action, Inc.Improving Health & Quality of Life Programs

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