Lisa Pena, Girl Scouts

Lisa Pena

“If a Girl Scout is from a new immigrant family that’s even more empowering because she gets involved in lots of activities that she might not be exposed to otherwise.  When families are new to a country they aren’t always thinking about classes and activities their kids can get involved in. They are trying to figure out how they can make a living and progress in their lives. However, when girls get involved in Girl Scouts it helps them to grow. They are doing things like going on zip line where they can face a fear. These experiences give them confidence, which help them at school and with their peers. Research shows that girls who are involved with Girl Scouts are more likely to be successful. Most female members of congress have been in Girl Scouts.  It’s something that can be tailored to any group that wants to participate. It isn’t just a girl’s club.”

Lisa Pena, staff at Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW MissouriNurturing Children & Families Programs

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