Lewis Smith, Mental Health America of the Heartland

Lewis Smith

“Normally you are judged on paper more than the content of your character. What happens is people are lost because of their history and then people fall deeper into addiction. They say ‘I don’t want to feel anything. I’ve been a prostitute.  I’ve been to jail. Who’s going to give me a job?’ My job is to give hope. If I can do this you can too. Because of the barriers of criminal history in the past that is part of my story it has been a challenge in finding jobs.  I’ve overcome substance abuse and criminal history 16 years in and out of prison to being able to give back and be an asset to the community instead of a burden and a menace…now I’m an advocate and marketing coordinator for the recovering center.”

 Lewis Smith, participant and staff at Mental Health America of the HeartlandImproving Health & Quality of Life, Wyandotte County resident

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