FREE GIFTS: Perfect Everyone’s Budget

heart pictureBy Hannah Bruins, Resource Development Intern

Tis the season to show you care! During the holiday season, many people get wrapped up thinking about what they are going to give, or get, from their loved ones. While this is seemingly natural to want to spoil all those you know and love, we often do not consider the love we can share with the forgotten ones in our society. In Wyandotte County, 23.4% of all people living in Wyandotte County are living below the poverty line. Of this percentage, 35.3% are under the age of 18 . It is important, especially during the holiday season, to reach out to those and simply say, “hey, YOU matter.” This can be done in various ways depending on what your budget allows.

 Top Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season

Smile at Someone

Cost: Free

Potential Reward: Get a smile back and/or make someone’s day

Be patient with shoppers who are looking for the best gift for a loved one

Cost: Free or a few deep breaths

Potential Reward: Become a role model for other shoppers to realize why the shopping is so hectic during this time of year or spread good holiday cheer

Ask intentional questions to someone you don’t usually interact with

Cost: Some of your time

Potential Reward: Make someone’s day, learn something you didn’t know, make a new friend or connection


Cost: Your time (Click here to get started at the Volunteer Center!)

Potential Reward: Positively impact your community or someone else’s life

Donate Money

Cost: You choose ($144 over a year to be a part of our  Caring Club!)

Potential Reward: Fund crucial programs in your community, completely change someone’s reality through the programs they partake in, give someone HOPE.

No matter how big or small your gift is to your community, it matters. As Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.” So, while smiling at someone may seem like the lamest holiday gift you’ve ever given, it could be the most extraordinary gift someone has ever received. Spread joy during this hectic time and remember those who don’t feel as loved this season. Tell someone, “hey, YOU matter.”



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