Unseen Efforts: The magic behind the fall season

HannahBy Hannah Bruins, Resource Development Intern

As we admire the vibrant leaves this fall, it is important to realize that the leaves continue to give even after they drop. They serve as a layer that preserves water for the plants around them as well as a source of food for other small organisms.

These leaves are much like donations. When people give, they are excited at the beauty in the thought that they were able to assist better their own community. They can promptly tell you in detail about the cause they are giving to and why. After some time, however, they forget their initial reasoning for why they gave and who the money is benefiting; it becomes a thing of the past. Little do they see, however, that their donation is just beginning to start something magical. It is about to completely transform another’s life. The real power of the donation comes when the money can actually be put to use by one of the many great organizations the United Way funds. While many do not physically see it, their donations are making a lasting impact, just like the fallen leaves.

Big Leaf Maple Tree

Last year’s campaign donations resulted in some amazing outcomes: 7,000 basic needs were met; 12,000 families or children had access to educational programming from 18 different local programs; and 16 partner programs improved the health and quality of life for over 13,000 people. These things could not have been accomplished without the donations the United Way receives.

During this season of thanks, I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to the United Way of Wyandotte County and the incredible agencies and programs the United Way funds. If you have donated, but not volunteered, I encourage you to take the next step and contact our Volunteer Center. Your donation will become even more personal as you get the opportunity to put a face and name to those you are giving. Don’t let the fallen leaves lose importance just because you can’t see what they are doing; donate your time to get a first-hand experience to what your dollar is really accomplishing.

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  1. jjjjoy says:

    Beautifully written Hannah. You have been a powerful force on our team this fall. We are going to miss you but look forward to seeing the impact you make on the world. Deo Fisus Labora!


  2. Joe H. Vaughan says:

    Thank you Hannah for you words about the power of giving. Interning with United Way of Wyandotte County during both the campaign and the “season of giving” will give you insight into both the never-ending needs in the community as well as the incredible generosity of our friends and neighbors.

    I want to urge everyone to participate in Tuesday’s (Dec. 2nd) day of giving to help those tens of dozens of people who have no where else to turn for a lift in times of personal crisis. Even small donations can do tremendous good when applied by people who know how to get a bang for the buck.

    Your consider will be appreciated Tuesday, December 2nd!

    Joe H. Vaughan, 2014 Honorary Chairman
    United Way of Wyandotte County


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