13 Million Kids

Emily Worm13 million kids will be bullied this year. As a woman, without children, I am somewhat removed from the school system. Working with youth serving organizations, I have always been marginally aware of bullying. But it wasn’t until watching the documentary Bully, that I realized how big of an issue bullying really is in our schools. Bullying is a problem that we cannot afford to ignore. It affects our youth’s ability to learn and grow. It hinders their ability to become confident, engaged, community orientated adults.

The United Way supports several programs that work to improve self-confidence and social skills, attributes that can prevent bullying. Research demonstrates that meaningful involvement in after-school programs and activities help promoted positive development in youth. As part of our impact area, Nurturing Children and Families, the United Way funds several such programs. Several organizations are listed below. These programs are always in need of more caring adults to help mentor and promote positive characteristics in our community’s young people. If you would like to learn more about the work they are doing and how you may be able to help please click on one of the links below.

Consider hosting a screening of the documentary Bully. Gather your friends and family, your church group, or even your kid’s class or PTA.  Help make sure that everyone hears the message. Share it with teachers, kids, teens, family, Facebook, anyone. The stories of the parents, teachers, and youth in this film need to be shared.





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