Play60- Take the healthy kids pledge

Kids with access to healthy food options and regular physical activity feel better and perform better in school and life. That’s one of the reasons United Way has teamed up with NFL PLAY 60 to get more kids active and healthy. 60 minutes of play a day- that is all it takes!

The latest research on childhood obesity underscores the measurable progress in communities where United Way and others are bringing people and organizations together to advance youth health. Across the country, NFL teams and players are working with United Ways to increase access to nutritious foods for families and increase opportunities for physical exercise and play.

Need ideas of how to get your family moving for 60 minutes? Try a few of these fun activities:

  • Take your dog for an extra long walk
  • Race to your favorite park
  • Fly a kite
  • Play hide and seek in your neighborhood
  • Go to the playground and play basketball
  • Toss a Frisbee, football or baseball
  • Kick around a soccer ball
  • Strap on your helmet and go for a bike ride
  • Set up a net in the backyard and play badminton or volleyball
  • Grab a ball; and make up your own game
  • Join a local charity walk or run with the family

We’re looking to mobilize a ton of passionate fans and supporters to help us tackle childhood obesity. Get started by taking the HEALTHY KIDS PLEDGE.

This information is posted from the NFL United Way website (click for more videos and information).

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